Friday, May 13, 2016

Pregnancy Survival Pack - The Gift for the Newly Pregnant Mom

    My sister-in-law recently got pregnant and as a special surprise for her birthday, I created a pregnancy survival pack for her and thought I'd share the idea with my readers! 
    Although I loved and love being pregnant, it comes with it's fair share of struggles. So this pack was created with morning sickness, leg cramps, stretch marks, sleeplessness, worries and breast pain in mind. 
  • A good lotion - a good lotion is so helpful in keeping away stretch marks. As your body expands with the weight gain of pregnancy, often stretch marks can occur. But if properly moisturized with stretch mark lotion and/or Vitamin E you can often minimize stretch marks. I thankfully only got stretch marks on my bum, and they slowly went away postpartum, after losing the baby weight. 
  • Bananas - Bananas are essential to help with leg cramps. Typically by the end of the second and throughout the third trimester, leg cramps can occur often. There are stretches you can do before bed which help, but ultimately bananas are a God send to keep these suckers at bay. That is because bananas are packed full of potassium. Also try to avoid carbonated drinks, as they often can cause a depletion of potassium. 
  • Scriptures for a healthy baby - A few years ago, I typed up a set of scriptures to pray for conceiving, a healthy pregnancy and for their future faith. You can see these scriptures by clicking here
  • Antacid - During my pregnancy, I had horrible heartburn all night long. Antacids were my go-to to help me sleep; that and propping up my head at night.
  • Hair ties - I added hair ties to the pregnancy pack because as we all know whether you have morning sickness and need to tie back your hair, or the fluctuation of hormones and the hot flashes... hair ties are a must!
  • Candles and essential oils - I feel that trying not to stress is an essential in controlling hormones and having a pleasant pregnancy. So in this pack I added lavender essential oils and a sweet smelling candle. To see the many health benefits to lavender, click here
  • Chamomile tea - Chamomile is a wonderful, natural herb that helps to relax you. This is a great tea to have on hand for those moments you are anxious and need a nap, or are struggling to get to sleep. A cup of hot chamomile tea definitely helps soothe the cockles of your heart. :)
    What other things would you add to a pregnancy survival pack?


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