Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My Journey with Invisalign - Week 5 (Attachments)

Fifth Tray (Week 5) and Putting on Attachments:
   I started my fifth tray last week. Unfortunately because of the holidays my Orthodontist miscalculated and I had to keep my fourth week tray in for 2 and a half weeks. That would be my main annoyance. I'm not incredibly happy that they keep forgetting to tell me stuff
    With my fifth tray came the attachments to my teeth (sometimes known as buttons). Basically attachments are little tooth colored beads the Ortho puts on your teeth that make the braces a bit tighter in order to help your teeth move more. The process of putting on the attachments was relatively easy and painless!
    If you look below, here is Week 2:

    Compared to Week 5:
You can kind of notice the attachments on my teeth now. They are the little bulges from the braces.

Some things I learned this week: 
  • The attachments definitely make the fit tighter which has meant some pretty bad when they were first put on. I just would take ibuprofen though and it would pretty much kick the majority of the pain. 
  • I learned that if I took off my braces slower, and one side at a time it would cause less pain.
  • Just as in the beginning of braces I just had to get readjusted, with getting the attachments on I had to readjust again. 

    Please know I am no way sponsoring Invisalign or any products on my blog *unless specified.* I just like to share my personal experiences in hopes of helping others.


  1. WOW what a difference between Week 2 and Week 5!

  2. Awesome! I'm glad this is working for you. :)
    By the way, beautiful blog! I love your header and background photo.


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