Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Baby Registry Experience - Positives and Negatives

Mr. Picturesque and I were registered with Amazon.com and Target for our registries (we also registered at Babies R Us to get the discount). So I thought I'd share with all of you moms or moms-to-be my experiences with the following companies (both positives and negatives). 

I hope it helps you, as I wish I had known some things going into this that I did not find out till later. 

Everything was very easy to find and register for. I liked that they offer a completion discount and that those wanted to get us presents could easily order online or in store and find what we needed. 

We were relatively pleased with Target on their refund policy, since we got quite a few of the same items at my baby shower. The only issue is with returns, they give you money on a Target gift card. But I like Target, so I'm okay with that. 

They did get me my completion discount in the mail very quickly (30 days prior to delivery). 

Another plus, Target does have coupons through their cartwheel app, and they offer many mom discounts. The only negative is that it's touch and go with some of the coupons on whether they apply to what you want any way.

The completion discount they offer was 10 percent for one item only if purchased online or 10 percent off of many items in store. I prefer shopping online, so this was a bummer. Also, with Target it's hit and miss when they actually have the items you want. Whereas with their website, they always have items in stock. Sooo, that was kind of disappointing that the discount wasn't as awesome as I thought for online items. 

Overall Review Relatively cheap prices and great service! Not as much bang for your buck, but better than Amazon. 

There was a lot more variety offered for friends who really wanted to get us a present. Many of the items were much cheaper than other places. Also, I was able to use this website to get Babies R Us to price match.

The only item I actually wanted, that we didn't get at the baby shower, to use my completion discount towards (the 10 percent and then I signed up for the Amazon Mom trial to get an extra 5 percent), were cloth diapers offered through a group called Baby Brighter. The problem is, which Amazon does not tell you, that the completion discount ONLY applies to items sold BY Amazon. So much for my completion discount. Arggg.

Overall Review
This is the company I was most displeased with, mostly because of the completion discount. But overall, they do offer better prices for items. But as mentioned earlier, you can price match many of these items with Target or Babies R Us. With Babies R Us you can also pile on a completion discount and a coupon. So ultimately you are spending way less anyway going with someone else.  

Babies R Us:
I don't know where to start! I have loved everything about Babies R Us! Their return policy is very easy and quick, not complicated at all; with the exception that you get store credit only, not a cash refund. But, we did the price match with them and got our stroller for as cheap as Amazon was offering even with their completion discount. 

We also received a completion discount through Babies R Us of 10 percent (off of the whole order). They always have free shipping online (which I love). Target and Amazon do not have that. 

Another thing I love about Babies R Us is that they constantly have coupons! You can double up on your coupons as well! Also, with a few of their ADs if you buy certain things, you can get free items. So for Easter, I received a free bottle just for spending over $20 on items we were getting for a friends baby shower and for bringing in the AD.

The main negative I found with them is that their price matching is only in store.

Also, many of their items are over priced. But if you price match and use their coupons/completion discount... you can make out pretty awesomely!

Overall Review
I think they are by far my current favorite baby registry company! There are more pros than cons for this group!

Please note, I have not been paid or encouraged to endorse any of these companies. I just wanted to give you moms out there an honest first hand opinion of the registries I used. 

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