Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Teething Solutions

     Baby P. has been teething since she was 3 m.o. No teeth as of yet, but that process has been going on for a long time! She's had the drooling, pain, off and on crankiness and rubbing her gums since then! 

     Needless to say Mr. P. and I were desperate to find some way to soothe her in a way in which we weren't pumping her full of medicines that had who knows what in it. Thankfully, my sister-in-law has a one year old son who has been through the teething process and she had some helpful suggestion of things that worked for my nephew!

1. Amber Teething Necklace.

   Although this hasn't really worked for Baby P., I know many moms swear by this. If nothing else, it is supposed to have natural calming properties and you aren't pumping your kid full of medicines! Here's a great website where I bought mine: Spark of Amber.

2. Homeopathic Remedies.

   These homeopathic remedies have been our lifeline! If nothing else, it helps to calm teething irritability! 

   * Camilia - According to their website, it doesn't numb their throat or gums so it doesn't cause gagging. It's completely natural, so it's safe to give to a one month old and older. It's also free of sugar and preservatives! I normally get this at my local Walgreens, they also sell it at Whole Foods. Here is a coupon for a $1 off that they put out monthly.

    * Hyland's Teething Tablets - A friend of my husband suggested these. They are also homeopathic and dissolve instantly in baby's mouth (so there is no choking hazard). I have to say, I avoided these for a while because I couldn't understand how a tablet was safe. But after Mr. P's friend said his child regularly had them, I felt much more comfortable. The first time we gave Baby P. one of these tablets we made sure we watched her carefully, but it literally dissolved in seconds.  

What have you found to be helpful with your little one's teething? 

Here's a helpful chart I found on when to expect your little one's incoming teeth:
                        Teething chart:

Please note: I am not advertising for these products... I am just offering some helpful tips on what helped our little one find some relief.

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