Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag


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    When I had packed my hospital bag prior to have Baby Picturesque I really thought that I had absolutely everything that I could need for me, baby and my husband. But there were many things I wish I had brought or even some things that I wish I had not brought to the hospital. 
    Many of the lists I see of what to pack in your hospital bag, since I had Baby P., really don't seem to be very logical and many of the items are ridiculous in price. So here's my list of reasonably priced items for my hospital bag whenever we get pregnant with baby #2.

For Use in Labor:

1. Travel bag. A small one for laboring in the hospital and a larger one for your postpartum time in the hospital.
2. Comfortable shoes. I labored the majority of the time while on my feet. My comfy Clark sandals made a big difference during contractions.
3. Bobby pins. I know at some point during labor my hair was driving me nuts. These bobbys were life savers!
4. Hair ties. See note above.
5. Massage aids. Some cheap massage aids which can help during contractions are things like a rolling pin or a tennis ball.
6. Music. For me, music was vital. I had created various song lists for each stage of labor. I really only could listen to music in the first stage of labor though. 

What to Wear for Mom, After Delivery:
1. Robe. I don't know what I would have done without my robe. I bought a chenille robe that we got on sale at Sears. It's super comfy and is a little piece of home which is nice to have so you don't have to wear the hospital gown 24-7. 
2. Flip Flops. Are great for showering in the hospital showers.
3. Comfy Socks. These were vital for me. Since my hormones were all over the place after having a baby, I would get hot and cold randomly. Having a nice pair of comfy socks was a great help!
4. A good nursing tank. Once you've been given the ok to transition fully from the hospital gown, comfy loose clothes are super vital here. I also found out the hard way that you need a good nursing tank that works and is easy. If you are a new mom and have never breastfed before, the last thing you need is some complicated nursing bra to figure out. I love my nursing tanks from Target, super affordable too!

Other Essentials for Mom:
1. Facial wipes. OMG, I loved having this. After labor, I felt disgusting but I wasn't allowed to take a shower for hours after delivery. Having these miracle wipes on hand helped me feel so much better and less self conscious when I had visitors.
2. Comb. Another essential. My hair was all ratty after labor, having my handy dandy comb made all the difference in the world.
3. Chapstick. OH how I needed chapstick after laboring for 48 hours! I was dehydrated and my hormones were all over the place. Thank God I had chapstick, is all I can say.
4. Inflatable cushion. I had a third degree vaginal tear, and I cannot express how badly it hurt to sit. The hospital did not have these cushions in stock, but thankfully my mom brought one when she came to visit and this made such a difference!
5. Travel mirror. Definitely needed this for when I really couldn't walk, we were having visitors and I wanted to comb my hair/wipe my face!
6. Mints. Mints were my go to when I wasn't allowed to move for hours after labor and I just needed something to make my mouth/breath feel fresh. 
7. Lotion
8. Shampoo and conditioner.
9. Toothbrush and toothpaste.
10. Makeup bag. Now I really didn't feel like putting on makeup till we left the hospital, and even then I really didn't put much on (just blush and some concealer). But it was nice to have in case I did. 
11. Ear plugs. Because a hospital is ridiculously loud!
12. Face mask. Because a hospital is also bright. 

1. Computer. 
3. Camera.
4. Charging cords for phone and camera.

Caring for Baby:

1. Breast pump. I got super engorged in the hospital and was on the verge of getting a clogged duct because Baby P. hadn't figured out fully how to drain my breasts. I stupidly did not bring my electric Medela double breast pump, so I had to use the hospital's manual hand pump (which doesn't work great). This is an ESSENTIAL to make it through your hospital stay and help with engorgement!
2. Lanolin. Having never breastfed prior to Baby P's arrival, my nipples hurt so bad because they were not use to it. Lanolin was my lifesaver!
3. Prenatal vitamin: It's important while breastfeeding to stay on a prenatal. 
4. Breast pads. Because you're going to leak, constantly.
5. Water. You have to stay hydrated especially after delivery and while breastfeeding!
6. Boppy. 
7. Baby hat and mittens.

Husband's Bag:

1. Clothes (including underwear).
2. Toothbrush & toothpaste.
3. Shoes.
4. Snacks.
5. Pillow & blanket.
6. Deodorant.

Going Home:

1. A going home outfit for baby.
2. Comfortable outfit for you.
3. Blanket. In case baby gets cold on the way home.
4. Car seat. Because you aren't allowed to leave the hospital or drive with a baby without one!


  1. I second the good nursing tank- I had some that I didn't really love and was miserable!

    1. Oh yes me too! It wasn't until I found these super comfy ones from Target that I finally was comfortable!


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