Friday, November 13, 2015

DIY Felt Christmas Tree

    After seeing this Photo Christmas Tree (as seen below) on pinterest for toddlers and looking at felt activities for kids, I decided to make a felt Christmas tree for Toddler P. that she could decorate on her own.

   To make the felt Christmas tree for Toddler P.:
  • After searching around for the cheapest price, I ended up at Walmart and found a 12 piece multi-color pack of 12x18 sized felt. 
  • Then I came home, and traced out a Christmas tree onto the green piece of felt with a permanent marker 
    • Next, I cut along the lines I made, to cut out my Christmas tree. 
  • Then I took the red and blue felt sheets and cut out circles (3 blue circles, 3 red circles), to be Toddler P's ornaments. 
  • Next I took the brown piece of felt and cut out a rectangle to serve as the tree stump.
  • Finally I used the yellow felt sheet, and traced a star with the permanent marker and then cut it out. 
    Super easy Christmas tree for toddlers, and Toddler P. adores it. She loves playing with it! It's such a great sensory activity too! Another cool plus with this activity, is that felt sticks to felt. So if you wanted to, you cut put it on the wall for your toddler to decorate. 

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