Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Treating Baby's Cold

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    When your baby gets his/her first cold you find out that there is pretty much nothing you can give them to stop it. Any medicine is pretty much a danger if given earlier than 3 years old (unless you use homeopathic, which I do). 
    When Toddler Picturesque was a baby, she pretty much had a continuous runny nose. So Mr. P. and I found out early on how to make Toddler P. as comfy as possible without medicine. 
    So what can possibly help your baby when they wake in the night and can't breathe from a stuffy nose?
  • Hold and Nurse. If you breastfeed, this is the absolute best medicine for a baby/toddler who has a cold! First off, it holds their head up some so that they can breathe easier and also it is comforting.
  • Use a snot sucker. Initially we tried the bulb they give to you in the hospital, and then various other snot suckers... but the one that worked best for Toddler P. (and still does) is the Graco NasalClear Nasal Aspirator.
  • Boogie Wipes. Talking about snot, these are a God send! Boogie wipes or the generic version are amazing! When your child's nose is running like a faucet, these wipes are perfect to use. They are gentle on your little one's nose because they have saline in it. With this latest cold Toddler P. has had, I have gone through two 30 packs of these wipes and her nose is still not red! I do typically buy the generic brand at any store that sells the generic version, this saves me a few bucks.
  • Use a Humidifier. A humidifier can be helpful to loosen up a stuffed nose. Because the humidifier aids with breathing, it helps your little one to sleep better. 
  • All Natural Chest Rub. I found this natural chest rub way past Toddler P. being a newborn, but was super excited to find something that could potentially clear her nasal passages up naturally! The product I use is called Maty's Natural Baby Chest Rub. It has eucalyptus, lavender and chamomile in it. Although I do not use this as a chest rub, but put it on the bottom of Toddler P's feet (just to be extra cautious), I think this does help some.
  • Go Outside. Fresh air always seems to help to clean out nasal passages. Because of that, I try to make sure to play outside with Toddler P. and to get out of the house a little more when she is sick. I have noticed such a difference not only in her attitude but also her breathing when we go outside for at least 30 minutes. 
    What have you found that helps when your little one has a cold?

Please note that am not a medical professional, and I am just a mom offering advice of what has worked for my child. If you are concerned or worried, please consult your pediatrician!

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