Sunday, September 25, 2016

DIY Kids Bathroom

   We recently moved, and I have been hard at work unpacking and decorating. The first things I had decorated were Toddler P.'s room, playroom and finally her bathroom. So I wanted to post the final pictures from decorating her bathroom with an underwater theme. It was super easy, and relatively cheap!
    The first picture (above) you can see I purchased a blue fish themed cloth shower curtain. I got that for fairly cheap from
    With the picture above and the one below, you can see the fish on the wall. Our last house I went to all of the work of painting so many walls. With this house, I decided that I could decorate another way. I chose to decorate with vinyl or fabric wall decals! I found these adorable fish ones from
    I also found these towels for fairly cheap from But the two pictures framed above and below I made myself with Publisher. I can't take all of the credit though, I got the idea of these designs from Pinterest. In my next post I will give you all access to these free printables. The above one says "Mightier than the waves of the sea is His love for you." Psalm 93:4. 
    This picture says "Rise and shine and give God the glory." Both of these frames were purchased for under $3 at Walmart.

   I'd love to see your kids bathroom inspiration! Post in the comments below!

UPDATE: Here is the link to the FREE printables for the above pictures!

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