Saturday, December 7, 2013

Things Pregnant Women Do Not Want to Hear

In the short amount of time I've been pregnant, 16 weeks now, I have found there are plenty of things as a pregnant woman I just DON'T want to hear.

I will probably be adding to this list as I get bigger, but so far:

Early pregnancy -
1. You're not pregnant, you're faking it.
2. When are you going to start showing?
3. You're too small.
4. You're soo small.
5. When are you going to start gaining weight?!
6. You are already waddling.

Later in pregnancy - 
7. You're so big.
8. Wow, you've gained how much?  

Things I like to hear now that I am pregnant:
1. What an adorable bump.
2. Oh! You are showing more this week!
3. You look so good.
4. (From women only)... Your boobs look really good. 
5. You look wonderful.
6. I didn't think you could get any prettier.

Please feel free to comment with annoying or nice things people have said to you since you've been pregnant. 

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