Friday, March 6, 2015

Cartoons and Other Kid Shows

   There is a lot of debate out there of whether a child should be watching cartoons or not. Evidently there are some people that say that watching cartoons too early can effect development. I haven't seen the research yet, but I am looking into it. I personally try to only put educational TV on and we have a scheduled time every morning that my little one watches her "show." Typically it's Sesame Street or Dinosaur Train. Why did I choose these shows? For one, they are educational... and honestly the main reason is that Baby P. loved only these two. She kind of likes the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but she isn't a big fan (haha). 
   I actually enjoy watching Sesame Street with her though. They really seem to make an effort to make it enjoyable for the parents also. For example, they have done a Hunger Games parody and a Twilight parody (both of which I laughed a lot at!) Here are both of the videos:

   What do you watch with your little one? 

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