Friday, March 20, 2015

Finding Budget Friendly Children's Gear

    If you are a parent, then you know that children's clothing and gear can get extremely expensive! I'm not just talking about diapers and wipes (if you use disposable, then you know it adds up)! Clothing alone can cost an arm and a leg, especially when you have more than one kid! 
    I have good news, though! There's hope to find cheaper children's items! How, you ask??? You can easily save a few bucks on children's clothing and gear by buying gently used! Mr. Picturesque and I have found some great places to buy these items and have seen that you can find some great things that look and feel barely used! Of course when you buy used, you have to make sure you clean the items before giving them to your child... but I would hope you do a deep clean with stuff that you buy new anyway.

1. Consignment Sales Events. 

    In Florida, the state where we live, there is a sale we go to called Just Between Friends (JBF).  It happens about twice a year, once in Fall and once in Spring. They sell everything you could need for a child: bottles, clothing, cloth diapers, high chairs and toys, etc... We have been able to get some cheap, adorable clothes at half the cost! Just to give you an example, we were looking for the Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair. New, it costs about $70. We bought it at the JBF sale for $35! 
Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair 
2. Salvation Army or Thrift Stores.
    Sometimes the items you find in thrift stores can be far from gently used. Sometimes the items look like they were buried, then burned, then left outside for a year! However, if you find a thrift store in the nicer part of town, you can often find cheap, gently used items. For us, we like to go to our Salvation Army. We can't always find items, but when we do it's like we had the jackpot! 

3. Stores That Offer Coupons.
    There are certain retail stores that regularly post coupons for new children's items. Two stores that I know regularly offer coupons are Burlington Coat Factory and Target. Target has an app called Cartwheel. In this app, if you click on the baby section, you can see all of the current coupons they are offering for children's items (like Circo children's clothing or Gerber baby Purees).

Where do you like to shop for cheaper children's items? 

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