Friday, May 29, 2015

Freebie Friday: Father's Day Printables

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    It's another Freebie Friday! With Father's Day coming up in a matter of weeks (on Sunday June 21st), I thought it was time to post a free printable father's day post!

    Here's a great list of 101 Free Father's Day printables that look really fun and awesome. These seem to be more DIY ideas for you mommas to make for your spouse rather than the kids for their dad:

101 Free Father's Day Printables

Here are some other cute printables for a gift box:

Father's Day Gift Idea and awesome free printable from

50 free father's day printables that look fun: 

50 Free Printables for Father's Day! Great DIY Gift ideas, cards and tags.

Here are some father's day printables for the kids to make:

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