Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Weighing in on the Jill Duggar Babywearing Debate

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    I'm a part of quite a few mom groups on Facebook. I love most of them because in spite of the few trolls that are on there, for the most part there are good moms in these groups who help to offer positive support and encouragement! Every once in a while though, these said trolls, pop up and add this "negative nancy" tone. One such area that I have seen a lot of Negative Nancies pop up is with the whole Jill Duggar Dillard babywearing improperly issue. See this link for more details. 
    Now I am BIG into babywearing. I have a baby bjorn and a tula. I love my tula. Baby P. loves the tula. Mr. Picturesque loves the tula (he loves the snuggle time and is a proud babywearer). I am a firm believer in babywearing. But I do not believe in jumping down other new mom's throats when they babywear "incorrectly." I think there is a nice way to correct a fellow parent when you see them wearing their baby incorrectly. 
    We all are trying do the best we can as new parents. And being a new parent is tough enough without other parents jumping on you for every thing you do. Yes, we have to be corrected for the child's safety; but there is a RIGHT (nice) way and a WRONG (mean) way to correct a new parent.
     If you are wondering about the proper positioning for a wrap like Jill has or even other carriers, here's a few helpful charts:

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