Thursday, October 8, 2015

Tips to Make Christian Mom Friends

   Making mom friends of a similar mindset and mentality is difficult. But it's so important to have a community of mothers around you when you are raising your children. After all, they often help to keep you: 
  • Accountable 
  • Encourage you 
  • Help you to know that you are not alone in your struggles/fears/worries 
  • Help you to know that your kid is going through what other kids go through 
  • And basically they help to keep you sane.
    But it's difficult to find a solid community of moms to relate to. So I'm hoping that by sharing what I did to find a community of mothers... it will help you find your own.
    I was looking for women who were Christians and dedicated to raising their children to follow Christ. Thankfully we belong to a Bible believing, Christ following church so I started simply by looking at what they already had available. 
   Talk to the children's ministry. There could be any number of ways you could connect with fellow moms in your church. Depending on the size of your church, most have a children's ministry. This could be a place to start. You could volunteer with the children's ministry or attend one of the holiday events that the children's ministry might host.
  Connect via small groups. Most churches now-a-days have small groups that can help you connect with others. Our church has a variety of small groups, but not quite what I needed. I wanted a small group that was strictly made up of moms who could bring their babies (up to 3 years old) to the meetings. At the time, our church was actually looking for small group leaders... so I talked to the leadership and was able to start my own group (which was totally the Lord). This has been such a wonderful connection both for my daughter and for myself. We have gone through a variety of wonderful books which has helped us in our mothering voyage to focus on Christ with our children (like Wisdom for Mothers by Denise Glenn, Mom Essentials by Kasey Johnson... and we are currently reading The Passionate by Susan Merrill). 
    Attend church events. Many churches have events you can attend (not just church services). Even the smaller churches have ways you can connect with others. The church I used to belong to had potluck dinners on Wednesday nights, followed by a service. That church has less than 100 in attendance weekly, so it was a very small church, and they had events to attend. The church we attend now is the opposite in attendance... it is huge and often has 500+ in attendance (over the course of three services). So attending the Fall Women's Biblestudy or the Easter Egg Hunt can be a great way to connect with others.

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  1. Fellowship and community are so important to our emotional health and Christian walk! Thanks for sharing such great suggestions!

    1. Thanks for the comment Michele! It truly is!

  2. Such a wonderful way to make "Mom" friends... it's so necessary when your kids are small.... and also many communities have "groups" locally for Moms and Me, etc. (not sure exactly what these groups are called - so forgive me if I said the wrong name)!!!! And this also relates to just making friends in general! Thanks !

    1. Thanks for the comment Clare! It really is so necessary, even as they get older. :D Having others who are like minded to share in both joys and sorrows is so important!

  3. SO important for fellowship with moms!

  4. Thank you for this! I need to find more mommy friends, and Christian mom friends would be even better! Unfortunately I live in a very small town (think 800 people) so this is a bit harder than usual. However, I'm not giving up!
    ~Heather aka HoJo~

    1. Thanks for the comment Heather! You'll find them, just continue to pray about it and I'm sure you'll connect with the right people that God wants you to connect with :D


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