Tuesday, October 13, 2015

12 Baby Registry Must Haves

   This article is a tough one to write... because every kid is different and every parent as well. So what I found the most helpful with Toddler Picturesque as a baby, might not be the most helpful for you. But I'm still going to offer some advice anyway. Hehe
    There are some obvious items I'm not going to mention in this post that you need to register for like a crib, changing table/dresser, clothing, socks, shoes, bottles, baby spoons/plates/bowls, a stroller... But the things I mention are some wonderful baby items that have made my life so much easier, throughout the newborn stage to now (at 17 months old).

Sleep Items:
    Rock n' Play

Image result for rock n play    
   This was such a God send! Toddler P. had issues with a constant runny nose when she was a newborn... so the main places she slept were with me in the bed. But when we finally heard about the rock n' play, she would sleep 4 hour stretches (or more) in this wonderful contraption. As a plus, it kept her head elevated so her nose bugged her less.

Aden & Anais Blankets
    Toddler P. hated to be swaddled, but she always liked a light blanket on while in her Rock n' Play. 

A Video Monitor
Image result for summer video monitor
    Prior to becoming a mom, I thought I could survive with just an audio monitor. Boy was I wrong! When we were just functioning with the audio monitor, it was awful. I had to leave Toddler P's door open a crack so I could check on her during nap times. But ever since we found a video monitor on sale, it has made our lives soooo much easier. The monitor we chose was the Summer Infant Video Monitor. But honestly, we chose this because it was on sale. 

Playtime and Nursing:
Image result for boppy
    The boppy made my life so much easier while breastfeeding a newborn! 

Eddie Bauer Nursing Cover

    Although you certainly don't need a cover to nurse your little one... if you want to use a cover, this is the best that I found. I tried at least 3 other nursing covers and they all were awkward and fit weird. This one I still use and love.

Pack n' Play
Image result for pack n play

    The pack n' play made my life so much easier (especially for needed bathroom breaks)! It was a place to safely set down baby and I have been able to use it for so many purposes as she has grown. I did find the other attachments pointless though (the changing attachment and the newborn area). Basically when she was too young to sit up, I could prop her up in the boppy in that and hand her a rattle.

Fisher-Price Swing

    This swing was such a blessing for us. It plays music, swings several different directions, has animal noises, and has a lighted globe. This was so nice to have as another area to place the baby when I needed a break or to cook.

A Baby Carrier

    Having a good baby carrier, like the Tula, is what helped calm Toddler P. during lone shopping trips. It's very rare that a baby will cry in one of the baby carriers, because they are being held so close to mommy. Also another plus with it, is your have your hands free! My favorite baby carrier is the Tula. It's expensive, but worth the investment! It is so much easier on your back and is high quality material.

A Play Yard
    I found that this play yard, Summer Infant Play Yard, was fairly cheap when coupons were applied at Diapers.com. This gate has been such a life saver as Toddler P. started crawling and eventually walking. This was so nice to set-up in our family room and have a safe place for Toddler P. to play with her toys and move around while I cooked dinner. 

Eating & Bath:
    Pocket Bibs
    I adore these bibs! They are so easy to clean and they catch the majority of the food that falls out of Toddler P's mouth! It makes clean-up so much easier!

High Chair Cover
Image result for high chair cover
    The high chair/cart cover has and still continues to put my mind at ease when it comes to germs. There are so many times we go to the store or a restaurant and the seat I'm supposed to put my child in looks disgusting. Thanks to this cover, I can worry less.  I still wipe it down, but knowing that this cover helps to protect my daughter from who knows what kind of germs, gives me peace of mind.

Summer Infant Bath Sling

    The Summer Infant Bath Sling was the perfect thing to use during bath time. It wasn't uncomfortable for baby, and it kept her secure during her baths.

    Please note, that I am in no way affiliated with any of the products mentioned here. I just really found these products helpful with a newborn.

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  1. never knew there were so many musts for a baby

  2. I had one of those rock and plays and all my babies loved it. I never used that kind of carrier, but I adored my Moby Wrap. Good list!

    1. Thanks for the comment Leigh! I've heard great things about the Moby Wrap! :)

  3. Great post and wonderful suggestions!

  4. Aden Swaddlers are my FAVORITE! I still use them with my toddlers--but now as toys to build with, haha! I think these are the BEST gift I got. Also, how did moms survive without swings? Seriously don't know that I could have made it without a self-rocking swing. Great list! :)


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