Wednesday, December 23, 2015

My Journey with Invisalign - Week 3 & 4

Third & Fourth Trays (Week 3&4):
   I started my fourth tray last night. I already notice a difference! I have less of an overbite, and my teeth are definitely getting straighter!

    If you look below, here is Week 2:

    Compared to Week 4:

Some things I learned this week: 
  • White spots seem to form on the braces, even though I clean them after every meal/snack with a little Dawn dish soap and a tooth brush. I noticed cleaning them and then letting them air dry while I eat helps prevent these white spots from forming on my braces.
  • The lisp is practically gone, unless I really think about it... then it comes back.
  • My teeth unfortunately are staining, but with the trays in you really can't tell. I'm looking forward to my 6 month cleaning coming up in February to get those stains off. I don't know why my teeth are staining more with the braces, considering I take them out to eat/drink and I brush my teeth every time before putting them back in. But I do drink 2 cups of coffee a day and I have 1 glass of wine at night. I'll ask my Orthodontist at my attachment appointment in a few weeks!

    Please know I am no way sponsoring Invisalign or any products on my blog *unless specified.* I just like to share my personal experiences in hopes of helping others.

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