Tuesday, December 15, 2015

DIY "Burned" Wood Slice Ornaments

    I wanted to make something special for family members this year for Christmas and I saw a wood slice ornament on pinterest and thought I could do something similar! Warning: if you are a family member of mine, do not continue to read unless you want your Christmas present spoiled. ;)
    I ordered 16 wood slices from Michaels.com, and after a coupon was applied, I spent about $45. 
    I decided I was going to trace out a nativity silhouette (found through google search), and then dremel out the outline. But when I tried to engrave this into the wood slice, it looked messy and unfinished. There was no color differentiation. So then I decided to use a blow torch and unfortunately that also looked too messy. Finally I found this amazing tutorial and decided to try it out.

A little advice: don't use your actually wood slice as practice. I wish I hadn't used them till I had fully figured out what I wanted to do.
     If you click on the tutorial link above you can see the original directions to "burn" paper onto wood. I loved this, it is so easy to do and it has such a beautiful rustic look to it. 
   So how do you do it:
  • Print out a flipped image (meaning a backwards image) of whatever you want "burned."
  • Once printed, cut out a square around the image.
  • Tape to the wood the paper (making sure to not tape over any of the image). Tape ensures that the image doesn't move for the later steps.
  • Take a paintbrush and water and lightly brush over the back.
  • Take the top of a permanent marker and lightly scratch over the image.
  • Once you remove the paper, you should see that image "burned" onto you ornament!!
  • Finally take a drill and drill a hole in the top of the ornament.
  • Add twine.
    I did do images on both sides of the ornament. One side either has the wise men, or nativity scene and the other side has "Merry Christmas."

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