Wednesday, January 20, 2016

DIY Embroidered Baby Beanie

    In one of my previous posts (see article here), I shared with you how I had made a beanie for my little girl. This latest beanie I made for a friend who is due any day with her precious baby boy. I wanted to make her, her husband and baby something precious he could remember... so I decided on making two beanies (one embroidered). 
    This project, because I've completed a handful of crochet projects, actually was not too difficult.  

    Below is a picture of the beanie hat crocheted, but with only one line of embroidery completed.

Here is the final product! 
    Here is a great video tutorial, that I used to make these hats, on how to crochet a baby beanie: 

    Also, here is an easy video on how to embroider crocheted items:

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