Tuesday, March 29, 2016

One Tip to a Clean House

Edited with permission with CC.
    It's Tip Tuesday again... and my tip of the month is how to keep your house clean by following one simple guideline. What is that guideline? Read on to find out! 
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    So what's my tip for keeping your house clean? Complete one task a day. 
    What does completing one task a day look like? An example of this is doing the dishes while your child is eating breakfast. Or fold laundry while your little ones are napping (and a plus is you can fold laundry and watch your favorite show)!
    How does completing one task a day keep your house clean? If you stick with this simple guideline every day, I can tell you that you will keep your house clean. 
    For me, often just doing that one task turns into completing two more tasks because I get amped up and am able to quickly complete a few more things (like picking up some toys, or sweeping). And if nothing else... on a hard day, where I'm sick or my little one is throwing a temper tantrum, at least I can feel accomplished in the fact that I did one thing. 

    Do you have any tips of how you keep your house clean? 
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  1. sounds like a great idea for the challenged ones like me :)

  2. This is a great tip. I try to do too much in one day and get grumpy!


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