Friday, April 8, 2016

Stop Mom Guilt & Trust Your Instincts

Edited with permission, CC.
    I just finished reading this encouraging article, which is a must read (don't worry I posted it on my Facebook page too), about keeping on doing the things for our children that they can do for themselves. The author, Angela, said many things that resonated with me this week... especially this "in this super-informed, super-aware, super-self-analyzing world we live in, it’s easy to doubt every move we make as mothers."
    This article resonated with me because I just worked through doubting my mothering this week. But my mom gave me some great advice to help stop this inward guilt I was feeling. My daughter, Toddler P. has been struggling with a runny nose for three weeks now. Talk about being miserable. It could be a lingering cold, or a cold that turned into a teething runny nose... but needless to say she is over it. She is tired of having to blow her nose constantly, and I totally get why she is tired of it.
    So this past week, she would snuggle up next to me or we would lie on the floor together and watch TV. I was feeling super guilty about spending this time watching TV together. Even though I loved the snuggles, and she loved the snuggles... I kept asking myself if she was watching too much TV. Then yesterday, my mom and I went to lunch... and somehow that came up in conversation. I talked to my mom about how I strive so hard to walk a fine line of not letting Toddler P. interact too much with technology, but also not too little (so that she is up to par with the other kiddos). I shared my guilt but I also shared how we both loved the time together.
    My mom responded, "when you go and play outside with Toddler P., sure she loves it and it's great for her... but she is playing independently. BUT when you sit down and snuggle and watch something you both like together it is a special moment in time for both of you. It's quality quiet time together, and that's what matters. You love that time together and she loves it. You need to do BOTH things, play outside and relax together. Trust your instincts, and stop worrying."
    I thought I'd share my recent guilt trip with you, in hopes that if you are struggling with a mom guilt moment... my mom's sage advice will ring true with you as well!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! We need to let go of mom guilt and just love on our kids.


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