Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Pregnancy Heartburn Relief

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    When I was pregnant with Toddler Picturesque, I suffered with heartburn for the majority of my pregnancy! As soon as the morning sickness left at my second trimester, the heartburn settled in. It was so bad I went through bottles of Tums at a time. 
    I tried everything for relief. I was careful with what I ate before bed, I propped my head up at night and I didn't wear restricting clothes on my stomach. But unfortunately heartburn was the one symptom that stayed with me my entire pregnancy.
    I have had many girlfriends who had the same issues with heartburn and all I could offer was my heartfelt understanding. But one friend who is pregnant with her second little one seems to have found a remedy for pregnancy related heartburn! 
    Sarah shared her heartburn relief recipe on her Facebook page. You can see the full original post here.

  • A cup or container
  • 1/3 Apple cider vinegar 
  • 1/3 Apple juice 
  • 1/3 Water
    Sarah said to divide the ingredients equally into your container "...I pre-make these in jars, and stick them in the fridge. Each night before bed, (before I brush my teeth 😬), I drink about a cup or more's worth.
    The juice and water help take the vinegar strength way down, and I've heard that too much straight vinegar can be hazardous to your esophagus. Diluting it makes it much easier to drink.
    Feel free to adjust to what works best for you - less juice and more water for example.
    P.S. It also helps with slow pregnancy digestion issues! An additional bonus I did not expect! (I know you ladies feel me!!)"

    All of my pregnant readers will have to tell me if this recipe works for you! 

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