Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Minnie Mouse Themed First Birthday Bash

    It's been over a week since my last post, sorry about that to all my readers! I've been busy planning my daughter's first birthday party! It has been a busy week, but it was also lots of fun. 
    Her party was Minnie Mouse themed... and everyone was encouraged to wear Disney attire. As you may know, I'm big into crafts and DIY... so it was really hard not to make everything myself. But Mr. Picturesque encouraged me to buy many of the items so I wasn't stressed out (and I am glad he did). But I did make a few things...

    I made her organic, dairy, soy, nut, gluten free cupcakes with the Cherrybrook mix from the health food store as well as the pre-made icing from Cherrybrook:

 Image result for cherrybrook icing

    For Baby P's smash cake cupcake I left it plain (no decorations other than a pink polka dot cupcake liner). But I knew there were going to be 10 other cupcakes, so I decorated those with pink polka dots and added mini oreos to the top (for a mickey mouse look)!

And here they are...

Then I made a regular cake in a "one" tin for those who didn't want vanilla. This baking tin we got for .99, used at a baby sale! In this, I made Duncan Hines devil's food cake with chocolate frosting. I tried to do white dots to make it look Disneyish but, it didn't turn out as pretty as the cupcakes. 

We had the party outside because our house was too small to fit the 30+ family and closest friends who we invited. 

We bought most of the minnie mouse decorations from party city, but of course I had to have a few DIY crafts. I wanted to have a progression of Baby P's monthly photos, so I cut out Mickey ears and made bows for the top. I taped wooden clothespins to them so I could hang each photo. Then I taped the ears to a string to hang from our umbrella. The photos were of newborn to 11 months.

I bought pink plates, white utensils, white cups and black napkins from walmart and target (that was the cheapest place I could find them).

I also bought pink table cloths. In Target's dollar bin I found these Minnie coloring cardboard pictures. I decided to use those as cheap decorations! Besides it was fun to color in when Baby was napping.

I printed out free Disney coloring pages and collected crayons at every restaurant for the kids who were old enough to color.

We also had a mini sand pit with sand toys for the little kids.

I also bought Baby P. an adorable outfit for her bash. I bought it from Etsy, but decided it needed a little more bling. So I bought flowers and lace and sewed that on to her outfit! It came with a blue tutu as well. She looked adorable in it the day of!


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