Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Why Organic ISN'T Always Best.

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    First, I have to preface this post with a few facts; like how I am a big health nut. I love my local health food store and Whole Foods. I am a firm believer that if something is wrong in your body, it typically can be fixed with supplements and eating right. Of course I also believe in modern medicine and going to the doctor.
   Even if I wasn't big into eating healthy, I have a dairy allergy and have to eat everything dairy free which helps make things much healthier in our household. I am allergic to a protein in milk called Casein... it causes all kinds of varying unpleasantness if I eat something at a restaurant by accident. Usually a case of hives and horrible stomach issues that could last anywhere from 24 hours to days long.
   So on to the whole point of this post, obviously I frequent health food stores regularly. But, do you know how many times I have gone into our local health market or Whole Foods, and come out with something I thought would be nutritious and healthy with no bad ingredients, and ended up finding the opposite to be true? It might have been naive of me, but I figured since it was a health food store that they would be selling things that had at least all good ingredients. Naturally I think when I enter those doors that everything they sell there would be good for me. But it isn't. 
    I'm not bashing these stores by any means... I still love them and frequent them. But someone has to talk about with the general public that you really STILL have to read the labels carefully whenever you buy any product from a health food store. 
   Let me give you a few examples, as I mentioned earlier I'm allergic to casein (dairy). So I buy Organicville's Dairy Free Ranch. Super delicious, and the only ranch I can find that is dairy free and actually tastes good. Well my husband and I regularly reconsider our eating habits and always make sure we are trying to eat healthy. So I was thinking about switching him over to my Organicville Ranch, I obviously had looked at the ingredients but I have never looked at the nutrition facts. 

    This is an organic product... it is dairy free, the ingredients look great, it has to be good for me right? Wrong. 
    On to another product I just bought from Whole Foods, Shikai's Color Reflect Deep Shampoo. I just dyed my hair red and so I needed a sulfate free, color safe shampoo. I also just happen to be super sensitive to sulfates and shampoos, so I always buy them from the health food store so I have a chance of less of a reaction. Well this shampoo was supposed to be perfect for colored red hair. I read the ingredients quickly looking for sulfates, put it in my cart and checked out. When I got home, I read them again more thoroughly and much to my disappointment there was this ingredient in it: olefin sulfonate. This is actually a type of sulfate! 
    There are countless other examples I could give you of items sold at health food stores that you have to watch out for, but the main thing I want to get across through this article is to make sure you read the ingredients AND the nutrition facts thoroughly before your purchase anything. 

    What are your thoughts on this topic?

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