Monday, August 24, 2015

Thrifty Monday: Busy Bag for Church

    Yesterday we went to church and typically we would have to leave a few minutes into the sermon because Sweet Toddler P. just gets too antsy. But before church this Sunday I had an epiphany... what if I packed her a busy bag?! Surely at 15 months she's old enough to enjoy one right? Right! So we made our way to the local dollar store the night before, to see what we could find. We found a few items but I wasn't sure what Toddler P. would think when it came down to it.  
    Then came Sunday, and I have to say, my busy bag was a huge success! We lasted almost the entire service, all thanks to snacks and a successful busy bag (filled with dollar store finds)! 
    So what was in my busy bag? I'll tell you:
  • First, let's talk about the bag. I decided to use a purse, since Toddler P. is to the stage where she loves pretty things and purses. So I used one of my purses I've always wanted to use, but since I have a diaper bag I have to cart everywhere, I never get to use. This one has flowers all over it and all kinds of pockets for Toddler P. to explore.
  • Snacks. Of course I had to pack snacks. So i packed a Gerber pouch, teething crackers (by Happy Baby and Plum), pretzels, and pita chips.
  • Water. I brought her My Little Pony sippy cup, full of water.
  • My dollar store finds:                             
    • A horse. Look at this adorable horse I found! Toddler P. loved it! She was having it prance around all over her seat!

    • Blocks. Toddler P. loves these blocks. She's at the stage where she loves stacking things and putting objects into other objects. Which leads me to the next find...

    • Watering Can. This adorable child's watering can served as a place for Toddler P. to put her blocks. As I said above, she loves putting toys inside other toys. This occupied her for a long time!

    • Big Calculator. Mr. Picturesque picked this out and I'm glad he did. Big buttons are a kids dream! Toddler P. kept coming back to this throughout the service!
What toys do you use to keep your toddler happy and occupied during church?

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  1. What worked with me was drawing or puzzle books (when I was older). Fortunately, I started taking sermon notes, but I know that's a long time in coming for your little one. Our church has a children's church, but I'm not sure if that's an option at yours. I hope the bag continues to work, and she eventually lets the message sink in when she's old enough to understand. God bless you!

    1. Yes, I'm believing that by keeping in her church with me she will learn how to listen in church and listen to what God has to tell her.

  2. Love busy bags, and you had some great ideas to fill it. The calculator is genius! We usually pack coloring books and crayons. Color Wonders are great for church because there's no mess, and we save them for Sundays so they are special. Small magna doodle type boards are good too.

    1. Thanks for the comment Leigh! I haven't heard of Color Wonders... what is it exactly?


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