Friday, December 4, 2015

DIY Crochet Baby Blanket

    Mr. Picturesque and I have very good friends (family) who are having a baby boy in February. I wanted to make them something special for their son... so I decided to make them a crocheted baby blanket. A Great Aunt of Mr. P. had made Toddler P. one and had prayed over every stitch. I treasure that blanket and wanted something for our friends and their son to treasure as well. 
    It did take me quite a bit of time to crochet (about 4 months), since I'm a beginner and I have a toddler. But I have to say I thought it turned out beautifully. I also had the opportunity to pray over each stitch for this amazing baby boy and the man he will one day become. You can see pictures of the blanket at the top of this post and below. 

    If you are wanting to crochet a baby blanket yourself, the biggest tip I can offer you is to use a bigger crochet hook (it will take less time that way) and to use soft yarn made for babies. Here is the video directions I used for this blanket. I absolutely adore WoolyWondersCrochet because she is really great at giving simple crochet directions and giving great visuals!

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