Monday, January 30, 2017

Home Remedies for Dry, Cracked Feet.

Used with permission, CC.

    Ever since I had Toddler Picturesque, my skin has been far more dry than it ever has. I used to have ridiculously oily skin, but now it's an odd mixture of dry and oily. Unfortunately, this meant that at wintertime, my feet get very cracked. Sometimes this would be very painful the level of cracks I could get. So I've had to research how to treat dry, cracked feet and I found some awesome solutions!

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Pumice stone or Electronic Foot File
    I have always liked a plain pumice stone, but when I couldn't find one at Walmart and found an Electronic Foot File, I thought why not.. I'll try it. 

   The electronic pumice works well, but it's electronic so you can't use it while in the shower... as a result it can be messy getting off all of that dead/dry skin. So I usually use it over the sink or in the shower with it off. 

    Oh my goodness, Mr. Picturesque had found a great article on making my own salve... but I had decided I'd rather buy it first to see if it would even work. The salve truly did wonders for my dry/cracked skin. Here's the article on how to make it yourself. And here's where I bought it, it is pretty expensive to buy but well worth the cost if you are in pain. 

    Is there anything you've found that helps with dry/cracked skin? Do you have any home remedies? Leave your comment below!

Please note, I in no way am an expert or a doctor. If you feel there is an issue with your skin, please consult an expert. I merely am giving my opinion and what worked for me.

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